Posted by Nelson | 01 January 2021 | General, Safari
Safari Guide for Women: The Basics When Visiting Africa

Because safariing in Africa can be more challenging for ladies than it is for gents, a safari guide for women can be very helpful. That’s right, men generally fare better in the wild and tend to have certain advantages on outdoor adventures. These advantages enhance comfort and convenience. Fortunately, with some research and planning, women...

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Posted by Nelson | 13 December 2020 | General, Safari
Common African Safari Questions and Answers

In this post, we have listed a number of frequently asked safari questions and answers for the convenience of travellers. If you have an upcoming holiday or vacation and are considering safariing in Africa, then hopefully you will find this information useful. There’s certainly lots to think about before a trip to the African wild....

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Posted by Nelson | 30 November 2020 | General, Safari, Travel Tips, Wildlife
Safari Safety Tips for Africa – Spotting the Big 5 and Wildlife Safely

Safari safety tips and information can help you stay safe on African safaris. Yes, spotting the Big Five and other animals out in the wild is an incredible experience and game parks and game reserves take precautions to ensure the safety of visitors. Still, there will always be some degree of danger when you’re around...

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Posted by Nelson | 28 November 2020 | Game Reserve, General, Safari, Wildlife
Top 5 Game Parks in Africa for a Safari

There are many game parks in Africa, but deciding which one to visit for a safari can be challenging. The world’s second-largest continent has a plethora of top-notch safari destinations. It is known for its beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and adventure-packed safari activities, as well as its selection of luxury accommodations. Moreover, every national park and...

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Posted by Nelson | 23 November 2020 | General, Safari, Wildlife
A Beginner’s Guide for Taking Amazing Safari Photos in Africa

For most people, taking safari photos is an integral part of the African safari experience. However, while there is a wealth of opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography in the wild, taking amazing photographs is not as easy as first-time safariers might expect. A lot of effort goes into capturing the beautiful images that we...

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