Travel Trends for 2021 and Beyond (Predictions)

Travel Trends for 2021 and Beyond (Predictions)

What will be the travel trends for 2021? We have some ideas.

Trends in international travel and tourism are constantly changing, nothing new there. However, as the world gradually recovers from COVID-19 and countries start opening their borders, the desire to travel is at an all-time high. After weeks and months of frustrating restrictive lockdowns across the globe, people have itchy feet. They are looking to get out of their homes and explore. Many are planning for the coming year and beyond.

Here are some predictions on what we can expect in travel going forward…

Predictions on Travel Trends for 2021

Safer and Cleaner Travel

Travel will be safer and cleaner in 2021. Due to COVID-19, airlines are not offering as many flights as they normally do. There are often a limited number of seats available, as well. In addition, authorities generally require proof of coronavirus testing in order to fly. All of this translates to safer travel, at least for the foreseeable future. To minimise the risk of transmitting the respiratory disease, airline companies have also upped their hygiene standards. They will likely preserve these standards to remain profitable.

Travel trends for 2021

Coronavirus fears have made travel safer and more hygienic.

An Increase in Private Family Holidays/Vacations

COVID-19 lockdowns have made family time a rarity in 2020, keeping relatives apart for extended periods. Naturally then, there should be an increase in travel to spend time with loved ones in the upcoming year, with many opting for private tours. This may emerge as one of the major travel trends for 2021. Private tours will make it possible to make up for lost time and memories at birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, etc. Moreover, they minimise contact with strangers, which at this point is important for safety.

Travel predictions for 2021

People will be reconnecting with family members in 2021.

More ‘Bucket List’ Trips

The rising death toll of the coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on our mortality, something people tend to ignore. It has reminded busy human beings that life is short and can be very unpredictable. The lockdowns have given us plenty of time to think about it all and conclude that it’s time to tick off (or add) some bucket list adventures. Surely, this is what many have done and will continue doing as we head into the new year. That could result in a spike in travel and “things to do before you die” activities.

Travel trend predictions

Hot air ballooning — A common bucket list activity.

A Rise in Popularity of Local Travel

Border closures in 2020 led people in some countries to visit hotels in their cities and escape to neighbouring cities. Normally lasting only a day or two, “staycations” or “holistays” appear to be one of the upward travel trends for 2021, especially in the Western countries, with a large percentage of consumers planning to support community businesses through lockdowns. Some companies, through partnerships, have even launched global campaigns to support domestic tourism and economic growth in key global destinations.

Predictions for 2021 travel trends

A holistay is the cheapest kind of holiday.

A Preference for Outdoor Holidays

In an effort to social distance and avoid crowds of people (and cabin fever), travellers are increasingly booking outdoor holidays. The calling of nature has been strong this year. The same will likely prove true in 2021, as individuals and families travel to remote and open areas to explore. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will continue going on safaris and visit luxury safari lodges in South Africa and abroad. They will also embrace camping trips, ski holidays, island resort getaways and the like. It’s all about getting outside.

Travel trends safari

Safaris and camping make for great social distancing holidays packed with adventure.

If you’re planning to travel in 2021, consider a South African safari. South Africa is ideal for adventure-filled holidays where you can immerse yourself in nature. Contact us for information today!

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