Cape Town FAQ

How do I get around?

Two easy ways to travel in Cape Town are using Uber or the public MyCiti bus. Uber and other
similar services are widely used and easily accessible. The MyCiti bus requires you to purchase a card
that you can top up as needed. This is a cheap, safe, and convenient way to get around with bus
stops at frequent intervals around the city centre and Atlantic Seaboard.

Can I exchange foreign currency in Cape Town?

Airports as well as most major shopping centres and hotels have foreign exchange services.

Can I drink tap water?

Tap water in hotels and restaurants is of good quality and safe to drink.

Is Cape Town safe?

While crime is a reality in all big cities, it can be avoided with common sense and just remaining
alert. Crime is generally of an opportunistic nature. Follow general principles such as never leaving
bags or luggage unattended, not flashing around cash or expensive items, and not walking alone at
night or in isolated areas. If you are hiring a car, do not leave any visible items in the car.

Where should I stay?

We’ve listed some of the best places to stay in Cape Town and the Atlantic Seaboard offering
magnificent views and proximity to beaches, sightseeing, shopping, tours, and hiking. See our
accommodation guide here.

What is the weather like?

Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate. Mid-year winters are wet and can be cold while summers
are warm and dry. Cape Town can be pretty windy at times which may affect certain tourist activities
such as Table Mountain cableway services.

What is there to do at night?

Cape Town has a vibrant nightlife with everything from theatre productions, open mic nights, clubs,
bars, comedy shows, eateries, night markets, wine tastings, and movies under the stars. During
summer the sun only sets around 8pm which makes for lovely evening walks on the beach and along
the oceanfront promenade as well as sunset cocktails and picnics.

What if I have dietary requirements?

Catering to dietary requirements can be arranged on request at most hotels and restaurants. The
city and surrounds has a wide variety of culinary options catering to vegan, kosher, halaal, and other
special needs as part of the menus on offer. It is always best to give the hotel or lodge you are
staying at prior notice if your package includes meals so that they can specifically cater for you.

What is the generally spoken language?

South Africa has 11 official languages of which most are indigenous dialects. English is spoken by the
large majority of people and is the primary language in cities, banking, commerce, and government.
All hotels, tour guides, and tour facilities are English and many also cater to German, French, and
other languages.

Can I use my credit card?

Verify with your home bank before your departure that your ATM card and PIN will work
internationally. All major stores accept Mastercard and Visa. ATMs are easily accessible in Cape

What are gratuity and tipping guidelines?

Although gratuities are discretionary, it is always good manners to leave a tip. This applies especially
to waiters, tour guides, porters, or drivers. It is generally expected to tip at least 10% of the check
amount at restaurants.

Are there laundry facilities?

Most hotels will offer a laundry service at an additional charge.

Can I charge electronics?

Yes, you can. The plug types in South Africa are D, M, and N. The standard voltage is 230 V, and
frequency is 50Hz.

Is there easy access to medical care and medication?

Although pharmacies are easily accessible, it is advised that you bring enough (and a little extra)
personal medication along with you. Keep it in the origional packaging.

Are public restrooms accessible?

Yes, most restaurants and shopping centres have access to clean western-style toilets.

Will there be Wi-Fi and mobile signal?

Hotels provide Wi-Fi to guests which is generally free of charge. Many coffee shops in the area also
offer Wi-Fi. Mobile signal is good in and around the city, however, if you are heading off the beaten
track or along secluded mountain ranges, the signal may be weak.

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