5 Fun Activities for Kids on Safari in SA

5 Fun Activities for Kids on Safari in SA

Fun activities for kids on Safari in South Africa? Yes, absolutely!

Many parents worry about taking their children on safari to SA, and understandably so. After all, you’d be heading off into the untamed African bushveld, where wild, dangerous animals roam free. In reality, though, there is much less to worry about than prospecting safari-goers might expect.

Not only are game reserves in South Africa completely safe to visit, but most African safari lodges welcome families with children. They offer all sorts of fun-filled activities and programmes for kids, and game rangers do an excellent job of educating youth and inspiring a love for nature and conservation.

Prices for children

  • Half price 6 – 12 years
  • Below 6 is free

Fun activities for kids on safari: 5 awesome things children can do

Become a junior ranger

A lot of safari lodges in South Africa offer “Junior Ranger” programmes to keep young adventurers busy. These programmes are designed to be fun and entertain while enlightening young minds.

Typically, hospitality staff will welcome children with a backpack filled with guides and tools. Kids may then engage in guided activities such as archery, foot tracking and spoor identification on walks through the African bush, depending on the lodge. On walks and game drives, they also learn to identify birds, mammals, shrubs and more, as they are educated in the principles and practices of conservation.

Many interesting and practical things are taught in safari lodge Junior Ranger programmes. At the end of the programmes, kids normally receive a patch and/or certificate after being quizzed.

Fun activities for kids in safari

Some Junior Rangers in training on safari in SA.

Go Fishing

Fishing has been a favourite pastime of children and adults for centuries, and the same remains true today in South Africa. One of many fun activities for kids on Safari, it is a fantastic way for families to bond while teaching today’s youngsters that there is more to life than just smartphones and video games.

Catching fish gets kids out into the fresh open air. It enables them to experience the marvels of nature and wildlife as they learn to focus, persevere and exercise patience. Fishing also offers the important added benefits of building confidence and improving motor planning and coordination.

South African safari destinations often have a river or dam and can provide basic fishing gear. Rangers can accompany guests to safe fishing spots. The only question left is who’ll come back with the biggest fish!

fishing safari

Fishing on safari — Looks like they caught something!

Take a Mini Chef Cooking Class

Does your child wish that they could cook like the food masters in training when watching MasterChef? Well, depending on where you lodge on safari, they can learn to do just that.

At some family-friendly lodges in South Africa, mini chef cooking classes for kids are offered. These classes serve the purpose of nurturing the culinary interest of aspiring chefs in a fun, interactive manner, while equipping children with valuable skills that can be used throughout their lives.

Cooking isn’t the only thing that goes on in these mini chef cooking classes; kids also learn to bake delicious treats and are given the opportunity to partake in other related activities.

cooking safari

Mini chefs on safari baking and having a ball.

Hunt for Treasure

Hunting for ‘treasure’ – the fantasy of many a child and grownup – is possibly one of the most exciting and fun activities for kids on Safari in South Africa. It provides an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in nature and at the same time become familiar with their wild surroundings.

At safari lodges, there is usually a lot of ground to explore, perfect for getting kids to search for seedpods, porcupine quills, bones and other mementos. You could even make them compete for a prize!

Some lodges, like Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge, offer treasure hunts as a standard kids activity.

treasure safari

Having a snack before going to hunt for wild treasure.

Enjoy Arts and Crafts

For creative kiddos, a variety of arts and crafts activities are available for children at safari accommodation lodges in South Africa. These activities include drawing, colouring in and painting. Many lodges also have entertaining board games and interesting children’s books to pass the time.

Other safari activities for kids include puzzle building (they often have puzzles of varying size and difficulty) and playdough sessions. Playing with playdough is great for strengthening developing hand muscles and improving hand-eye coordination. In addition, it is known to have a calming effect.

Scrapbooking is another arts and crafts option for safariing kids.

arts and crafts safari

Kids on safari getting creative with some arts and crafts.

Interested in learning more about fun activities for kids on Safari in South Africa? Contact us here for more info and assistance in planning a magical African safari.

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